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-       Jan 2024- Tidewater Piranhas welcome Benny Pope!



-        Aug 2023- Virginia Power Soccer Association has expanded and welcome the newly formed

Central Virginia Vipers to VPSA!

-        June 16-18 2023- The Tidewater Piranhas traveled to Fort Wayne, Indiana to Compete at the Conference Cup Series playing in the Champions Conference. Playing 7 games and placing 6th place the Piranhas avoided relegation and have secured their Conference spot for next year. 2W-5L

-        Apr 29 2023- Tidewater Piranhas travel to Richmond, VA for the 3rd Commonwealth Cup power soccer tournament with teams, Sportable Hive Competitive and Recreation teams, Nova Patriots and the Veteran team River City Renegades. The Piranhas split into 2 teams, each team winning 2 games as they then faced each other in Final as Piranhas1 defeated Piranhas 2, 3-1 and the Piranhas took home the Trophy and finished First/Second at the Commonwealth Cup!

-        Apr 15 2023- VPSA and the Tidewater Piranhas host the First USPSA tournament at home in Norfolk, VA at Old Dominion University. Playing 5 games and ended up in 3rd with a 3W-2L record.

-       Mar 25-26 2022- Tidewater Piranhas travel to Birmingham, AL for league play Playing 4 games and leaving with a 2W-1L-1D record. As well as qualified for Conference Cup in June!

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