• Kevin Mulholland

Virginia power soccer teams compete for the 1st Commonwealth Cup power soccer tournament 2019

Updated: Jul 8

Thanks to Sportable, Richmond and Allstate for making the Commonwealth Cup a huge success!

The Tidewater Piranhas claimed the first Commonwealth Cup by winning all 4 games!

The Tidewater Piranhas are a power soccer team that was created in 2006 and are part of the Virginia Power Soccer Association (VPSA). The team is also a member of the United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA). The Tidewater Piranhas are from the 7 cities of Hampton Roads.

The Sportable Hive are a power soccer team based in Richmond Virginia they will be competing and hosting the Sportable 2019 Commonwealth Cup at U-Turn Sports.

The NOVA Patriots - Power Soccer team was introduced to the northern Virginia area in May of 2008. NOVA Power Soccer is owned by the Fairfax County Therapeutic Recreation Department.

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